Controlling Anger

Controlling Anger

*Note from Jaz* Of course not all of the subjects I touch on are going to be happy, life simply doesn’t work that way. This blog is intended to show all facets of my path with Buddha,good and bad. 
Last night I had a moment of pure white hot anger. My daughter lives with her Father and Step-Mother about 300 miles away so we communicate via Facebook and Yearbook. Her step-mother has a severe drinking problem and some deep seeded emotional issues. Last night while going through her Facebook I saw that Kira (my daughter) had posted a bunch of very upsetting posts about her rage toward her step-mother for her drinking, her emotional abuse and more. I was more than a little upset. It took me a bit to calm down but when I finally did I realized that it is not in my control to fix this problem. I realized that the problem lies within Mitzi (step-mom)and it is up to Kira to deal with it. I also realized that I have complete faith in my daughter to be able to handle things in a compassionate manner. I know my Kira and she will find a way to forgive Mitzi and I know she is aware  deep down inside that it isn’t her fault and she has no control over Mitzi’s actions.

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