Being Honest With Myself

Being Honest With Myself

“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” -Walter Anderson


The person I lie to the most is myself. I swear I should have a State of the Jaz address once a year like the President or Governor does, the difference being maybe I could be honest. It would be nice if I just sat down with me and said, “Hey me, why am I lying to myself about how I feel about things?” I am so bad about admitting my true feelings about certain areas in my life. I don’t like to admit my short comings, I don’t like to admit that I haven’t done as many things in this life that I have wanted to, sometimes I think I just can’t bear to see who I am really deep down. I told a friend yesterday that I am like a still pool of water until you drop a pebble in and see all the ripples and the depth.I think I am afraid to drop that pebble and see who I am, who I really am underneath that smooth exterior. One vow this year,I am dropping the pebble.I am going to go spelunking in the caves of my heart!


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