Trusting Myself Enough to Trust Another

Trusting Myself Enough to Trust Another

Neil LaBute – “Relationships in general make people a bit nervous. It’s about trust. Do I trust you enough to go there”


In life I think we all have difficulty with trust. To trust another human being with our hearts and physical well being is a difficult thing at best.  Most every human I know likes to have control and is reluctant to let it go. Trust is letting go of some of that control. You have to ask yourself “Am I strong enough to let go, am I strong enough to relinquish a part of my self that I have control over?”  At the end of the day you find that if you don’t learn to trust and let go of some of that control you may never achieve the pinnacles of happiness and ecstasy that could not have been achieved otherwise. As humans there should come a point in our lives where we trust ourselves enough to trust in another human being. Letting go can bring you to soaring heights of joy you never even imagined existed. Of course with that trust comes the fear that they may let you go and you may come crashing to the earth, landing in a disheveled heap. But that is the chance some must take in order to reach beyond the greatest heights that they couldn’t have achieved on their own.


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