When the World Goes Silent

When the World Goes Silent

Kahlil Gibran – “Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.”

  • Today as I was walking through the park I had a feeling of peace come over me. It is snowing outside and it is the first real snow this year.  The ground is covered with a blanket of white and as I walk I notice mine are the first footprints on the freshly fallen snow. The world inside the park is very silent, so quiet that I can hear the pitter-patter of a squirrels feet as he runs along the top of a fence line. Isn’t it funny how snow blanketing everything muffles sounds? In the distance there is the sound of cars going by on the busy roads but here inside the park it’s just me and that squirrel. As I was walking it seemed like all the tensions I have been feeling in my body and my mind just drifted away leaving me with a very peaceful, quiet state of being. I didn’t realize until that very moment, walking down the middle of the road in a park, how much tension I had built up. I realized it when I felt it leave my body and it was a relief. When I got to the end of the road I looked back at the footsteps I had left. They were right in the middle of the street and I realized that I have been living my life a lot that way recently, not on one side or the other, just down the middle. It helped me to realize that I need to make some firm decisions in my life. Had I not walked in that silence and seen the path I had left in the snow I may not have even realized how much things were weighing on my mind. It’s good to hear silence….it’s good to feel release.

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  1. Some times the best things in life you just can’t buy. Like an eye opening peaceful walk. Thanks Jaz for all you share with us .

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