The Gift of the Sand Hill Crane

The Gift of the Sand Hill Crane

Yesterday I went for my evening walk and it was already dark when I came to the water wheel on Indian creek and could not believe my eyes! I thought I was surely seeing things, but no, standing right in the river was a beautiful sand hill crane. They are very common here but I had never seen one this close before and certainly never after sunset in the river. It was really magical, he stood there for a few minutes before launching into flight but I got a real good look at this beautiful bird and when he took flight the wing span was huge. Watching him was for me a beautiful experience, I have always wanted to see one up close and it seems last night I got my wish, what a beautiful gift!

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  1. I have recently been getting into Paulo Coelho’s books, maybe you’ve read some of his books…?
    He often talks of signs, or omens, and it has taught me a great deal about looking out for those things that will help you in life.
    I am starting to understand certain things that are true for me that would mean that the gift presented to you above is of a similar nature to these signs, but it was one that was simply there for your spiritual benefit…
    Can I suggest that you take a look at a recent blog of mine. I would be interested in your views…


    • I have found that in life signs are just what they are. Not always bad or good. Just what they are….portends. Sometimes good sometimes bad. Thank you for the info though….Jaz

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