What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare

I have a nickname that I go by and for damn good reason. My mother named me after a popular Beatle’s song and I absolutely hate it. Abhor it! Resent it! My husband has only ever known me by my nickname, although he’s well aware of my real name. He called me by my given name to someone who is a complete stranger to me. She had friended me on Facebook and I was looking at her page wanting to learn a little about her when I ran across their conversation in her home page and saw he had called me by my given name!!! Now, I know this may seem trite, but it hurt my  feelings and makes me feel like he doesn’t even know me. I don’t even begin to know why he did it, what on Earth would incite him to call me  by my given name, especially to this woman that I don’t even know! I realize that they are fiends from way back but it makes absolutely NO SENSE TO ME and my feelings are hurt!!! Very hurt! Now I don’t even want to know this woman because what is she supposed to think when my husband, who has always called me Jaz, has given her a completely different name, someone who I AM NOT!  What is she supposed to think when everyone calls me Jaz and so does he and out of the blue he calls me by a name I NEVER use and no one calls me by that!!!!

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  1. I could accept any name that came from a Beatles song. On the other hand, back in 2003 I dropped my last name and took my middle name as my last name. Cost me two dates in court, $35 for the court filing fee, and $47 for the required newspaper notices.

      • I think I would love having people sing to me my whole life.

        Now you have me guessing: Michelle, Sexy Sadie, Carol, Clarabella, Lucille, Anna, Sally, Lizzy, Eleanor, Lucy, Rita, Madonna, Mary Jane, Prudence, Martha, Julia, Yoko, Pam, Maggie.

        Those are just the women’s names in the titles of Beatle songs. There might be some more women mentioned in the lyrics.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we tend not to like our own name. I was called Margaret by my family… ugh. I prefer Maggie.. Jaz is a good name… and if thats what you like, there is no reason to reveal your given name.

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