Learning to Live

Learning to Live

I just wrote one song at a time. Kinda like an alcoholic. One day at a time. Neil Young

The last week has been one of my most productive in a very long time. I am back on track with my writing, I completed one song from lyrics to melody to end, I started my plants for my garden yesterday in jiffy pots, sure signs that I am out of my stalemate and moving forward in my life. Out of the black abyss and into the light comes so much productivity in me that I had forgotten about and it feels great. I feel just like a child that has just begun to discover the world around her. The big difference, of course, I am not a child but an adult who is learning to live again, learning to breathe again, learning to use my natural talents that I have neglected for so long, I am learning to love again. Learning to love myself and those around me and it’s a feeling of warmth and happiness I had completely neglected and forgotten about. Forgotten were the joys that come from a warm smile, a laugh shared, a precious moment that will carry with me for my eternity.

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    • Dean, I am glad you enjoyed. I am here to tell you it’s sick how much my life has changed…=) A good sick of course…BTW I really enjoy your poetry…Your subject matter is always philosophically challenging in its nature…Peace Jaz

  1. Beautiful! It is so wonderful to read about your joy, progression, and appreciation of who and where you are. I love the music you choose to go with your posts, too, always so appropriate; for me, music is such a great escape and source of solace. Thank you for all that you share, Jaz.
    Carry on, with that smile upon your face,
    ~ Lily

    • Lily,
      I feel so wonderful, you have no idea. Thank you so much for your positive feedback and reinforcement. The support of my friends and family is food for my soul, and so is my music….Peace Jaz

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