Lay it on the Line!

Lay it on the Line!

One of the best ways of keeping your temper in an argument, as most of us know only too well, is not to listen to anything the other person has to say. – Alice Miller

I love this quote, but it’s more satirical than realistic. In an argument it is important to listen to the other’s point of view so that you can fully understand where they are coming from. It’s hard to keep your head and your cool when you are arguing about something that affects you personally.  My husband and I don’t argue very often, because we are best friends, but when we do I know I have a bad habit of shutting him out and not really hearing what he is saying. Even if he is right somehow my brain just shuts him down. I think it’s a natural response to feeling like I’m being attacked. On the other hand I want him to understand where I am coming from also. Arguments can’t be one-sided. Both parties need to get their feelings out there on the table for the other party to examine closely so that a mutual agreement can be reached. That’s the hard part, reaching down into your emotional pocket and fishing out the root of the problem, however, if you don’t get to the root it will grow into an uncontrollable weed. Next thing you know it is taking over your backyard and you don’t understand why.


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  1. Great song and it’s been too long since I’ve heard it. Thanks, Jaz!
    I like your “weeds” analogy. I remember reading that relationships in trouble often had no arguments or debates… anymore. Communication had stopped. I guess any two individuals will always have differences, some of them wonderful, some needing discussion, and maybe some needing passionate… debate, ideally with kiss-and-make-up afterwards. And flowers, not weeds. : )
    ~ Lily

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