In Case you were Wondering?


Just a little FYI my name ‘Cateyesk” on my blog comes from Stephen King’s novel “Catseye” and of course the sk stands for Stephen King. I have had this e-mail name and blog name forever and it fits me. Stephen king is one of my favorite writers, always has been, but I also love Hemingway and Dickens. Guess I could have chosen BellEH or TaleCD, but the name Catseyesk fit, and I also have green eyes, so as the saying goes. Just curious about how other people came up with their pseudonyms… I also love love love ” Les Miserables” but I don’t think MiserableVH sounded quite right. Kind of sounds like I need to see a doctor….That’s all for now….Peace…Jaz

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  1. My blog name is the result of how I hope to inspire others, however, I have a yahoo e-mail that is a play on the Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans a few years back.

  2. I see we like the same books, too. I recently joined Goodreads and it asks you to rate books that you’ve read. I think the only books I’ve read during the past 39 years are Stephen King books, so I rated all those. lol

    I was going to read “11/22/63” next, but the darn guy writes faster than I can read, so I’m moving “The Wind Through the Keyhole” up ahead of “11/22/63” since it’s a prequel to “The Dark Tower,” which is my favorite King books. Probably by the time I finish “Keyhole” he’ll have “Dr. Sleep” (sequel to “The Shining”) out. The one I’m really looking forward to, though, is “Joyland,” which he’s working on now.

    • That is so cool. I am currently on a bunch of different writers who wrote from letters during the civil war. That particular area holds interest for me. The book I am currently reading is after the civil war, about a soldier and his wife who went from the civil a\war area to the west. They travelled all over, including into Montana which is near my home, it’s a very good book….Jaz

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