And Everything is Right with the World

And Everything is Right with the World

As long as your intention is pure, and you know what you’re in it for, then you’re alright. And I’m in it because I enjoy it. I take it seriously… real seriously. I mean I could sit and talk all day about the music. Trey Anastasio

What a crazy weekend! I had visions of getting some music finished, reading the rest of this civil war book I have been on for a week now, doing some artwork and working on my garden. Oh, I did get somethings accomplished. One new song learned and one on the table, I’m 1/2 way through that damn book, that I am enjoying BTW, and I planted my sunflowers. Hey, that’s pretty good. I shouldn’t complain, after all we went and got my daughter her futon couch/bed that she wanted and managed to build her a closet complete with shelves. Hey man, I’m not complaining, everything is right with the world. my daughter finally feels like she has her place here and screw that civil war novel. I can finish that anytime. Everything is right with the world!

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  1. Sunflowers, by the way, make a great plant to do time lapse photography with. Take a picture each week, from seed to planting to poking out of the soil to growing up, blooming, seeding, and dying. You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is.

    The San Diego State University campus is being turned into a pretty nice botanical garden, and they are doing a very good job at it. I’m watching the sunflowers growing big and strong over there. It’s just a mile from my home.

    • I will try that…if I can remember, I am easily distracted….LOL. I know about your photos around San Diego. Interestingly enough I used to live in Oceanside and visited an artist friend of mine, Jenner Badden, in Sand Diego quite frequently. The last time I visited the SD Zoo I was quite pregnant and couldn’t make it all the way through. I still miss boogie boarding in Oceanside….Jaz

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