It’s Been A Long Time, Too Long!

It’s Been A Long Time, Too Long!

An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body. — Jim Hayes

My best friend and my daughter’s Godfather, Brian or( Boo as I call him), is finally coming up to see me after the longest time and I am totally euphoric about it. If only he knew everything I have been through in the last few years since the last time I saw him and really spent some best friend time with him. If only he knew how many times I have nearly crumbled and fallen through the cracks into a black hole of despair. If he only knew how many times I needed his support, I know he would have been here in a heartbeat. We’ve seen each other through everything, divorces, marriages, children’s births and deaths. Now here we are, some 20+ years later, still the best of friends. If you have ever seen “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with Julia Roberts then you know exactly what kind of relationship we have.  Fair warning! We are going to be out and about Saturday night and things always get crazy with us so you might want to clear a path. 

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  1. Yes, where would we be without our best friends who know us better than we know ourselves. Sounds like excellent timing. Have fun! :>

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