Ruff Dayz

Ruff Dayz

Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch. George Carlin

And so it begins! This is how my Memorial day starts off. Miss Rosebud is getting her beauty sleep while I sit at my computer slaving the early morning away over cups of strong coffee and a plethora of useless knowledge that beckons to be put to some philosophical, utilitarian purpose. Well Rosie my hat’s off to you, you had the right idea! Stay in bed, let the morning sun rise and eventually it will warm up enough outside where I can go out and lay once again in the warm sunshine and do what all dogs do very best….sleep! I have to give it to her, she may seem, at times, to be dumb as a brick but me thinks she has outsmarted us all!












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  1. Thank you for the smiles this morning, Jaz! (“… dumb as a brick but… outsmarted us all!”–ha!) Happy and respectful Memorial Day, ~ Lily

    • Thank you Miss Lily, and I’m telling you she absolutely did outsmart me…really what AM I doing sitting on this dam computer…LOL…Peace Lily, Jaz

    • Thank you. When I blogged this this A.M. I must have listened to BMT and Buddy guy do this about 20 times before Rosie decided to move her fat basset off the bed….LOL….Peace Jaz

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