You Don’t See Me

You Don’t See Me

It’s amazing to me…I am standing right in front of you…yet you don’t see me….Jaz Fagan

I am the person who has shared the last ten years of your life with you. Loved with you, hurt with you, but still you don’t see me, yet. How much time do you need? I swear to you I am trying, but it’s never enough, is it? How much do you want me to give? I am exhausted by your expectations of me….I don’t think I have much more to give.  I want to live my life, this one little piece that has been given to me and you are slowly erasing me, slowly destroying me, making me invisible. Thank you for that!


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  1. “Slowly erasing” … oh dear, what a description. Does not sound good.
    I hope you soon will be seen and appreciated as your true and beautiful self, Jaz. Here’s hoping,
    ~ Lily

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