A Higher Level of Musical Existentialism

A Higher Level of Musical Existentialism

You know what’s with jazz? It’s basic, like the most. A lot of cats, musicians, get with it up to a point, but they never really dig it, understand….Crazy, because understand doesn’t cover it. Dig is the only way I know how to say it. There’s more of it up here, Lodi digs, I think I do. Swift had a style, technique, but he wasn’t creative. He could never dig the original sounds. That’s why he stole them….Sounds, music, riffs. Maybe a guys got a right to pick a pocket or steal a safe, I make no judgments, but swing with somebody else’s talent, and that’s what Swift did. My music, Lodi’s music, anybody who had it…. Streetcar Jones from Peter Gunn.

This is a very cool quote from an episode of Peter Gunn called Streetcar Jones. I can relate to what he’s saying. It’s true of all music. As musicians we are forever borrowing riffs from other players, expanding on them until they become something of our own style, they become our own riffs. If you learn someone else’s riffs and never learn to expand and make them something new, something uniquely your own, you never grow. Music should be a constant growing experience, you should always learn something new, something you never knew about the core of being a musician. Music should be static, not stagnant, ever expanding and increasing with time and space.  

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  1. Nice article this has always been my feeling as well just look at Miles Davis. He was constantly changing and evolving. All the best Jazz Artists I know are innovative as well. Wondering however why you don’t have one of the great jazz videos out there with this post are you more into Rock? More articles on my blog if you are interested. https:/thejazzbox.wordpress.com

    • I am more of a folk musician/rock. I simply love music, and love playing, but am ever in search of the new evolution personally. I am sending you a link to a song I wrote called “Journey” which has more of Spanish flair, but my style is evolving and I have been writing some nice folk/alternative stuff the last year or, hope you enjoy and thank you for the comments!

      • BTW, I chose Creed’s song “Higher” because the words exemplify the higher plane I am always searching for in my musical evolution 🙂

  2. Great post about music and creativity, Jaz.
    I guess that our selves, our hearts, should be like music. (Except the analogy goes to our minds and hearts expanding, not waistlines… : ) ~ Lily

    • Lily, good morning! Thank you for reading. As usual, I am playing catch up with my reading and I have a heavy rehearsal for the next week for my gig with my daughter. It’s our first together! YAY. Oh, but man have I got a lot of ground to cover in the next few days….Peace Jaz

      • Happy rehearsing, Jaz! Sooo exciting to have a gig with your daughter. Have a fantastic time and make sure somebody gets a good video : ) ~ Lily

      • Lily, thank you. This is her first time ever playing live and live with me. LOL…I don’t think we will get any videos but I will try to get someone to take pics….Peace Jaz

  3. Sounds like you’re talking about ‘life’ in general, Jaz… 😉
    “ever expanding and increasing with time and space”…
    Hey, have a great time with your daughter…. sounds fabulous..
    I’m off to have breakfast with mine… running late… toodlepip… 😉

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