Free Will Astrology for Aquarius For June 6-12

 An article in the Weekly World News reported on tourists who toast marshmallows while sitting on the rims    of active volcanoes. As fun as this practice might be, however, it can expose those who do it to molten lava, suffocating ash, and showers of burning rocks. So, I wouldn’t recommend it to you, Aquarius. But I do encourage you to try some equally boisterous but less hazardous adventures. The coming months will be prime time for you to get highly imaginative in your approach to exploration, amusement and pushing beyond your previous limits. Why not get started now?

So, I suppose dancing on an electrified tightrope with wet ballet slippers is out of the question? Well, ok, being serious now. It’s ironic that Rob should bring this up because just this week I have started on a dream collage. I have been having some very bizarre dreams this last week and when I wake I commit them to my journal. I have then started sketching in the details of the dreams on a large painting. I have begun sketching in the ones that are most vivid and strange and I am going to continue with adding in magazine and newspaper cutouts, written word and other things that seem to stick out. This is my first collage, and my first exploration into an understanding of my dream world. 

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