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  1. We just made a top three list here at work of the best bands to see live…1.Iron Maiden 2. KISS 3. Judas Priest.
    Not bad…And I’m the youngest one here 😉

  2. I bought this album when it came out (aaargh! age!!!) loved it the, love it now. However, I also bought their first one when it came out, ‘Rocka-Rolla’. I had gone along to my local gig, which was the Queen’s Hall in Derby, England, basically a swimming pool with a stage at one end and boards thrown over the pool for the gig nights – specifically to watch my favourite Welsh rock trio – Budgie – a great band by the way…and on came the support band who no-one had ever heard of. Thought they had a cool name though – Judas priest, and the guitarist had knee high boots. Very cool. The singer – get this – had long hair! Yep, Rob Halford used to have hair!!! It’s the only time I ever saw them live, but I’ll never forget it. They were unbelievably good. It was clear to everyone in the hall that night they were going to be HUGE!

    Now look, you’ve made me wander down memory lane, how the hell am I going to find my way back? 😉

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