A New Gig

A New Gig

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato

After a lay off for almost a year we have picked up a new contract for a local gig. It is such a beautiful change. No road trips, no getting home at 4 am after driving anywhere from 2-6 hours to get to gig, setting up the PA, playing for 4 hours, breaking down the PA and then driving 2-6 hours to get home, bleary eyed and exhausted. I won’t even go into the money. Thank Buddha I was never in it for the money! I must really love music, either that or I am a complete and utter fool. If you are not a musician you probably don’t understand the joy and pain that goes along with it like a mixed bag of tricks. You stand on a stage and are vulnerable and naked to the eyes and ears of everyone who comes into contact with your sound. Why do it? For a pure and simple love of sound and feeling that can’t be experienced or felt any other way. There is nothing like playing music. It’s hard to explain, I guess you would just have to be on the same roller coaster ride musicians are on to understand.

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  1. Congrats…. I think I have some idea! It’s not quite the same thing – though when we do comps for our Ballroom Dancing we are ‘naked’ as you say.! We are exposing ourselves to a ballroom full of people plus (at least) 9 judges who have the power to ‘tick’ or ‘cross’ your effort. I don’t take it personally; everyone has their subjective viewpoint. But, what a rush it is!!! I absolutely love it – putting myself ‘out there’…. I’m sure that there must be some comparison. The practise, the learning, the constant change… all very exciting and pleasurable.. 😉

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