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Cosmic Liberation

Cosmic Liberation

Aquarius Horoscope for week of July 5, 2012

Verticle Oracle cardAquarius (January 20-February 19)
Due to the pressure-packed influences currently coming to bear on your destiny, you have Official Cosmic Permission to fling three dishes against the wall. (But no more than three.) If you so choose, you also have clearance to hurl rocks in the direction of heaven, throw darts at photos of your nemeses, and cram a coconut cream pie into your own face. Please understand, however, that taking actions like these should be just the initial phase of your master plan for the week. In the next phase, you should capitalize on all the energy you’ve made available for yourself through purgative acts like the ones I mentioned. Capitalize how? For starters, you could dream and scheme about how you will liberate yourself from things that make you angry and frustrated. 

Many life processes unfold outside of your conscious awareness: your body digesting your food and circulating your blood; trees using carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight to synthesize their nourishment; microorganisms in the soil beneath your feet endlessly toiling to create humus. You don’t perceive any of these things directly; they’re invisible to you. Tune in to this vitalizing alchemy. Use your X-ray vision and sub-sonic hearing and psychic smelling. See if you can absorb by osmosis some of the euphoria of the trees as they soak in the sunlight from above and water from below. 

Rob has done it again! Tapped into my cosmic energy and found ways for me to deal with my frustrations. I like the concept of cramming a coconut cream pie into my own face, it sounds like yummy fun! Meditation my friend, that is my overall scheme for dealing with my angers and frustrations. I am on it!



Dragonfly – A Poem

For the body

A thirsty twig

Blackened as the earth

Forgotten and abandoned over time

For the wings

Smash a stained glass window

And take the pieces

They say that beauty is in the flaws

For the heart

Let it fly freely

Unencumbered by confinement

For freedom is of what we dream.

© 2011 Anne Oddity. All rights reserved.

By my Buddhist nature I am always learning how to be more in tune with nature. Last winter I was having a collision with ravens and then it was peacocks. Lately it seems that dragonflies keep coming to me in nature. It seems they are everywhere! What strikes me as strange about this is that there are no wet lands even remotely close to my house. Dragonflies are amazing creatures. They can fly up to 60 MPH. In Japan they represent courage, hope and happiness. To me they are beautiful and I love how Anne Oddity described their wings as stained glass. The wings of a dragonfly are so very transparent yet absolutely loaded with the colors of the rainbow. For whatever reason it seems dragonflies are my representative symbol for this early summer and I love it!