Music Passion-July


I love this song. It was originally sang by Christine Mcvie from Fleetwood Mac. Eva Cassidy did this cover of it. Eva died of breast cancer and was an amazingly beautiful person and musician.

Music Passion


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  1. Jaz, you beat me to this song. I’ve been a long-time Eva Cassidy fan, even before she became popular posthumously, since she was a “local” talent around the D.C. area. I’ve seen her play a few times at Blues Alley, and I’ve got to tell you, she had a voice that just captivates and spellbinds you in a matter of a few notes. I also love that she refused to be pigeon-holed into any distinct category. She sang whatever she felt she connected with, and wow, did she ever connect with her music. Great selection – I’m jealous you posted this first!

    If you are interested, for those who might not be aware of this marvelous gift of a voice, there is a documentary on YouTube, that I’ll put here, if you do not mind:

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