Hey Dummy, Why’d You Wait So Long?

Hey Dummy, Why’d You Wait So Long?

“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.”  – Charles Caleb Colton

Ok, I admit it. I am a dummy. One of my best friends, Gracie, has been on my mind and I have been meaning to go see her. For goodness sake we live in the same town, she’s only 13 blocks away. What is my problem? Well you know the song and dance, we get busy and wrapped up in our own lives. I’ll be the first to admit that since my daughter has been living with me my list of things to do has doubled. This isn’t only due to her presence here, but also due to the fact that, like most people, summertime is always a busy time with BBQ’s, summer activities and etc. For us, being musicians, we have tons of summer concerts we play and there is always rehearsal time and we are always on the go. So you know what I did? I blew it. Gracie is now in the hospital, she had a stroke and a heart attack and I didn’t get to see her until last night. I didn’t even know you could have both a stroke and a heart attack. What is wrong with me? She is looking so pallid, but she’s talking. She wasn’t mad at me for not coming before, but I know she had to be disappointed, as I was, that we are seeing each other under these circumstances. SHe is my daughter’s God Mother and I should have made an effort to go see her sooner. Yes, I am a dummy!

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  1. Ouch…so sorry about Gracie. Hope she feels better soon. I had a conversation to this effect with a friend recently…I am her daughter’s god-mother…strangely her daughter’s name is Gracie. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and forget some really important things and people.

    Get well soon Gracie!!!

  2. I know where you’re at. I lost a friend I’d been meaning to visit and I’ve felt like shit about it ever since. But it’s not your fault. Guilt is a natural reaction in situations like these but recognise it as such and don’t beat yourself up.

    • I’m just glad she’s not in worse shape. I never would have forgiven myself. I went and saw her again yesterday and took her some Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream. She’s not looking nearly as peaked as she did the day before. Thank Buddha I went to see her.

  3. Back in 1983, my best friend was on his deathbed. He asked his parents to call his closest friends in for a final good-bye. While I was talking to him, he asked me if there was something that bugged me in our relationship. Yes, there was. After he got married, I rarely saw him anymore. He pointed out that whenever I stopped by or called, he always had time for me, but if he were controlling his own time with no interruptions, he had to call or visit not only his family (mom, dad, grandparents, four siblings, several nieces and nephews, cousins) but now he had a second family to call and visit, that of his wife, from a very large Catholic family. I saw his point. Now if I want to see someone, I put it on my own shoulders, no one else’s.

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