Tortured dog’s mouth taped shut, sheriff seeks suspect – Dallas News |


I can’t believe people can be so cruel to animals. I cried when I read this. What did this poor little girl ever do to deserve such incredibly sadistic abuse. I hope the catch the bastards that did this!

Tortured dog’s mouth taped shut, sheriff seeks suspect – Dallas News |

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    • I don’t know! It makes absolutely no sense to me why humans abuse animals. It is the very same thing if you were to abuse a defenseless baby or child. They are smaller than us, defenseless and trusting. They rely on us to care for them, protect them and love them….I absolutely abhor people that do this. And you know it more than likely was kids or young adults that did this!

  1. I cant believe this, SMH, I’m not even big on animals like that but when i see things like this it just really touches home. I mean what kind of sadistic (Swearword) thinks of doing something like this to a dog let alone any animal. They really need to amplify the animal cruelty laws foreal cause this is getting ridiculous -,-

  2. Shame on the individual who did this,
    this person needs help / education,
    and a enforced stint in a canine rescue shelter.
    Liking your posts Jazfagan

  3. Sorry, I can’t click like on this story, you’re braver than me for posting on it, I saw it on the news, and I’m still sick over it, I can’t be believe the how cruel some people are, what would make you even think of doing something like this? I just don’t get it, okay, I have to stop or I’ll go on all day about the SOB you did this, great post,

    • Yeah I know Kat and I really don’t expect ppl to click like. As you know I post about things that move me and sometimes that movement is emotional anger. I cried and every time I re-read it I cried some more. I’m just so glad that woman found Hope and that pretty baby has a chance to find a happy home. I hope they find the SOB’s that did this. I would like a piece of them myself, if my Buddhism would allow me to do that. Peace Jaz

  4. Whenever people and animals interact, animals suffer and die. We have entire landfills composed of the bodies of animals we grew tired of. I have seen them with my own eyes and am sickened by it and even more so because I am no better. Deliberately harming anything is a trait that will return to haunt those who carry it. Kamma is very exacting.

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