Happy Sober Birthday to Me!

Happy Sober Birthday to Me!

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Ernest Hemingway

Today is my birthday! Not in a literal sense of the day I was brought into this world. It is my 30 day birthday of the day I woke up and decided to get sober and embrace the idea of sobriety once and for all. Sure, I have had attempts at sobriety over the last 10 years, but this is the first time I have embraced being sober and have had every intention of staying that way! If you have followed my blog you would know that since I started blogging on December 31, 2011 I have been up and down in my sobriety. What has changed for me now is that I have found a support group, a sponge (sponsor), I have included my family in my sobriety, I have a therapist, I am working the program and my attitude has changed. Am I excited about having my 30 days? Hell yes! Even one day is hard, not to mention 30! 31 days ago I was in hell. I had fought my battle with the bottle over and over again until I was so exhausted from the fighting I was ready to give up once and for all, literally. I told Michael all I needed was a bullet and a shovel. Yes, I was in that black of a place. Today I am so grateful to my friends, family and the people who have given me their support and love. Today I am sober. Today I am happy. Today I am FREE! 

Here’s a list of things I have accomplished in my sobriety over the last 30 days:

  • Learned over 20 new songs on guitar and vocals
  • Played 4 new gigs
  • Completed some new drawings
  • Started a dream collage
  • Made a plethora of new friends
  • Found out that I can love myself
  • Found out that I am stronger than I thought I was
  • Started forgiving myself and others

I’m sure there are many that I am not thinking of but the point is that I am moving forward in my life instead of standing in a puddle of stagnant water that was sucking me down into a hole I may not have been able to climb out of. Thank you to all who have helped me on my path and thank you to those of you who may not be aware that you did…..Peace, always….Jaz

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      • As always it is my pleasure to see someone so talented get her shit together and enjoy life. We are not here for very long Jaz, some of us for a very very short time, don’t waste is babygirl. Congratulations.

  1. Having never really suffered from an addictive personality, and never smoked, and barely drank throughout my entire adult life, it would be churlish of me to say “I understand’, because of course, if I’ve never been in that dark place, how could I possibly hope too? However, I DO recognize honesty, courage and a desire to be better, and I salute you for that. Its a hell of an achievement. You rock! Keep it up Jaz x

  2. Congratulations, Jaz! I’ll have 18 years this October – concept that was unfathomable to me 18 years ago. Just yesterday, a friend informed me that an old classmate of ours had “drank himself to death”. Sad for him & his family, but all I could selfishly think was “there, but for the grace of God, go I”. I spent 15 years drinking & using and death and/or jail were lurking around increasingly closer corners. I am so happy for you! You keep it up, you hear? It ain’t easy sometimes, especially those early months/years, but a-day-at-a-time got me all the way here and my life has never been more beautiful or blessed.

    Again, congratulations, Jaz! You rock! And frack Hemingway. An overrated author who loved to make excuses his own excess. My worst day sober will always still be better than my best day drunk. Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Congratulations, Jaz… keep going… you will prevail. I am at the 14 or 15 year point. At first I counted in Hours… then Days… then Weeks… then Months, and I had made a Year. I kept track of the years and now I don’t bother, so I’m not really sure which it is… 14 or 15. But, I think about staying sober every day. It’s better that way… right? Oh, I just counted back… on July 20 I will be sober 16 years… Damn!!! I will never forget my last day… 4 Buds left in the fridge… poured down the drain with my drunken life.

  4. The list of people who are coming on here to support you who have varying lengths of sobriety is quite humbling jaz. The weaknesses in some, that have been vanquished, have created some strong individuals, much like the tempering of a sword in a flame. Good luck to all of you!

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