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  1. Hey Jazfagan! Happy Birthday! For people like us, everyday can and must be a birthday. You see, I’m a failed drunk too and have been for 22 years. Being a failed drunk means you are sober. Such things happen when you have a fear of committment that extends to alcohol! lol. There are times when it is not easy, especially in the beginning but it gets better. And if one’s life is totally easy I would say you are either not doing something right or not aiming high enough or both. Remember that alcohol and any other drug is an illusion. You will never obtain balance with a substance or any kind of peace.
    I have a blog which may offer you some different paths if you wish to check it out and feel free to keep in touch with me. I am rooting for you! I also taught in a private rehab facility for a number of years, oddly enough. Takes one to teach one, I guess, although some light time in the pokey taught me a lesson or two! 🙂
    Peace and light and love,
    Steven Narbonne

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