My Serenity…

My Serenity…

The final wisdom of life requires not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it. Reinhold Niebuhr

 This is my drawing of my place of serenity. On Sunday when I met with my sponge (sponsor) Jules for the first time this is where I went when I was having such a hard day the night before. Saturday was filled with triggers and hurt and I needed a place to go to work through my thoughts and get back in balance with nature and myself. Meeting with Jules was such a blessing, everything just melted away from me. I call her a sponge because I am her spongee and I plan on sucking everything I can out of her, and she is full of all kinds of great wisdom for sobriety. I have so much to be grateful for and in the last month I have begun to see the things and people that were there before me, just waiting for me to open up my eyes and see. They were always there with open arms, all I had to do was be willing to walk into the embrace. It’s amazing how alcohol clouds your vision, blurs your mind and makes you numb. In the beginning isn’t that what all alcoholics seek, blindness and a numbing and dulling of the senses? We don’t want to see, we don’t want to feel. You just don’t realize until you quit, and I mean really quit, how much you have missed. 




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  1. Jazfagan, remember that a trigger is dangerous only when you supply a finger.
    Light and Peace,
    Steven Narbonne

      • Jaz, I really am retarded when it comes to tech. I consider using velcro straps on my shoes quite a triumph. I told a joke once in court for a matter we need not belabor. I am still trying to get my record expunged!

  2. “My serenity” is an exceptional post- honest, touching, beautifully crafted writing- projecting a vulnerability and a deep empathy for others. This is special. Tom

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