Fun Pics of the Week!

Fun Pics of the Week!

I have had a busy week but I found time to get out and take some pics. I am in the process of trying to take all of our songs that have been produced in the studio and produce YouTube videos. Here are some of the pics I took this week that might appear in a video I am working on today. Enjoy! Peace, Jaz


Forgotten Dolly

Sunday Ham Dinner

Night Guide

Friends at our Jam on Tuesday



Self Portrait, Saturday July 21

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  1. My goodness Jaz, you have such an endless array of talents! Very cool photos. So: music, art, writing, photography, and surely the video will be fantastic, too. Thank you for sharing your artistry. Keep a song in your heart and all that beauty in your soul. Peace and happiness (of course), ~ Lily

  2. Great fun looking at your pics. The blue haired doll was kind of macabre for me. Also, you eat meat? I didn’t know that. Poor piggy. Poor, poor piggy. Must be tough being on the bottom of the food chain. We’ve all been there though in one incarnation or other. Your pic looks great. Hey, did the blue arrow pic come from the same aliens that put up the “disabled alien parking sign” on my post? Looks like the same paint anyway.

  3. Your tall clock reminds me that our tall clock here, a historic clock built in the early 1900’s, has had its lease terminated and has to move. I need to go find out if they have decided where to move it to.

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