Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. George Carlin

I will be the first to admit that I am a cynic. I have lived my life distrusting of other peoples motives, because aren’t all humans urged by the need for some personal gain of their own. In reality I have always questioned people’s sincerity and motives, whether they stemmed from the true spirit of giving of themselves to another purely for unselfish motives or if their input was driven by self-serving motives. My circle of friends is small, my circle of acquaintances large. I keep the ones who I know have no ulterior motives close and everyone else I keep at arms length as acquaintances or even further away than that. The more I get to know a person determines the distance of their relationship with me directly in proportion to their motives. Being cynical isn’t hard, in fact it is quite easy, in truth it is being optimistic about the human race that is hard. It is my genuine hope that I will one day learn to not be such a cynical, distrusting person, but it is a very hard thing to do when you find that a majority of the people you meet on a daily basis are only becoming acquainted with you because they “think” you have something to offer them rather than in the genuine spirit of friendship. They extend a hand to you as a “friend” with motives untrue and fettered by wants and desires.



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  1. I think maybe it’s a balancing act. I am the opposite – too trusting. I married a cynic though… but all these years later can’t seem to go there. No doubt, time and time again, I have been hurt because of this, but distrust just feels awful to me. Very interesting post Jaz…made me think!! Much Love ~

  2. I’m hopelessly optimistic and a realist at the time (if that makes sense)?!? There are many ways to address the topic you presented today, very interesting. BTW, I love the Curious George Movie … Brings tears to my eyes each and every time I watch it.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And I do so love that Jack Johnson song. My daughter and I have watched that quite a few times.

  4. I used to be such a trusting person, I guess I still am, but it sure hurts to trust and to have that trust betrayed. Maybe as time goes on, we try to guard our hearts a little bit more.
    There is something about Jack Johnson’s voice that is very relaxing and happy, beachy and carefree, though some songs are happier than others of course. I especially listen to him when my mood needs a lift. ~ Lily

  5. jaz, trust is earned, not bestowed. I am trustworthy and have unselfish motives. They are not fettered by personal wants or ulterior motives. And for $39.95 I’ll show you how to be that way too! lol 🙂 Seriously, there are a lot flowers out there but they grow best in manure. Just ignore the manure and enjoy the blooms! Watch out for those monkeys though. They steal and throw their own manure at you!

      • I LOVE flying monkeys. And evil witches too! You can have the dog, what was his name…. Doodoo or something? I have seven cats.

  6. I’m a pretty laid back Southern boy, so I give people the benefit of the doubt. However, I also use Excel to keep track of things. People and companies get three strikes and then they are out. I figure if three strikes is good enough for these steroid-laced baseball players, it’s good enough for me. But if they get three strikes, they are on the “No Christmas Card this year or anytime in this century or the next” list forever and ever. Apple got on the list in 1983 with about 30 strikes in just 30 days and still never resolved my problems.

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