It’s Not Fair!

It’s Not Fair!

Sarah: That’s not fair! 
Jareth: You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is? ~ From The Labyrinth

I am going to whine so beware….LOL! Now that I have quit consuming my calories in mind bending beverages I am putting on weight. I have started riding bike, 7.5 miles a day everyday, to keep my weight and shape, but it’s not fair! I don’t eat anything out of the ordinary or glutton myself, but my families gene pool sux! My mother weighs in at 275 lbs and my grandmother weighed very close to that when she passed. I have always watched my weight and been super sensitive about my appearance. It’s good that I have put on weight, in November I was very sick and shot down to 125 lbs, but hell’s bells do I have to starve myself to keep from weighing over 150 lbs. My good weight is 140, that’s when I look the best. I stand 5’9″ and that is the perfect weight for my bone structure. However, the only way I get to maintain that is if I eat like a freakin’ bird.Well, I have been on the bike riding routine for less than a week, so I’ll just keep on keeping on, but dam, I still say it’s not fair. Ok I am over it now!

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  1. what a beautiful rant..i say that because I rant about my weight all the time. My hubs misses couple meals and drops ten pounds, I miss 3 meals , entertain Mr. Elliptical couple times a day sometimes 3 and I lose nada-nothing-zilch-zero NOT FAIR!

  2. I’m with you – If I didn’t dance as much as I do I’d be like most of the women in my family tree and be going to weight watchers or dieting, eating sticks of celery and the like.
    Ah well, exercise is a wonderful way to spend time; providing it’s fun…! 😉

  3. I know. Why Isn’t life fair? I guess it would be too much like heaven. But 125 at 5’9″ is so so thin, you’re right. Better to be healthy. Vent, rant, but don’t fret too much, just be healthy and eat healthy things and see where that puts you. You are so beautiful, and likely so with a few pounds more or less. Enjoy your bike rides!
    Peace, health, happiness, ~ Lily

  4. Okay, I feel your pain, I really do, and I applaud your efforts with the bike riding, my advice to you is this, don’t ever stop exercising, any exercise, all exercise, but, I much older than you, I never had a weight problem until menopause, now, I can starve myself, drink gallons of water, run, lift weights, dance, and I will friggin gain weight, life isn’t fair and for us women, its doubly unfair, without those hormones that keep us on an emotional roller coaster every month, our bodies go to he$! faster than you can say it. Well, thanks for letting me rant on your whine, I too feel better now,

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