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Thank you Christine!



If you’re doing your best, you’re not failing.  You only fail if you quit or don’t even try at all because you were too scared to fail. ~ Christine Sternfels

I’m grateful for…
Lessons learned from the many, many failures I’ve succeeded in attaining.  Strength gained from pain I had to endure from all my failures.  Love and support my family continued to give in times of my lowest low.  Some wisdom from having to experience one failure after another.  A chance at a fresh start.

I’m letting go of…
Thinking that finishing last is failing.  Giving too much thought to what people might think if I failed.  Success is too far away because I’ve failed too much.  Being discouraged to get up every time I fall.  Giving in to defeat just because I had a weak moment.

Failure is something that happens, not you.  So get up, brush it off and…

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Letting Yourself Down

Letting Yourself Down

Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. 

I can’t help but feel disappointed about our gig last night. Our bass player threw out his back and couldn’t make it so we had to run the entire night without bass. Things felt like a train wreck and I probably gave up too soon. We didn’t do the best we could, the drummer did, he was a really good sport about the whole thing. We were all hot and tired and I felt completely lost when I realized that the bass player wasn’t going to show. I got caught off guard and was basically just throwing songs out there to keep things going. I was disorganized and I really should have been prepared better for exactly what happened. In life, I think, we get this picture of how things are supposed to be and when they don’t meet our expectations it throws a curve ball at us and suddenly we realize we left our mitt at home. Well I left my mitt at home last night and apparently my brain as well. Next time I will know better. I know that I am being entirely too hard on myself, I do that a lot. You know what they say, we are our own worst critics. The sad thing about it is I didn’t woman up and make the situation great, I just sort of folded into myself in disappointment, that was by far my biggest mistake.