Do What You Say You’re Going To Do!

Do What You Say You’re Going To Do!

 If what you say is based on what people want to hear, rather than what you intend to actually do, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the difficult position of having to break your word.

Why do people tell others that they are going to do something and then not do it? And then….then they wait until the last moment to tell them that they are backing out. This is something I will never understand. If I have a gig to do and I know that I can’t do it I let people know at least a week in advance or at the soonest possible moment, it doesn’t matter whether the gig is paying or not, the importance lies in the fact that I have people relying on me and if I chose not to be there and don’t let them know until the last possible moment it puts them in a bind to find someone to replace me. It’s not fair to the people relying on me to be there and do my part because every person is a link in the chain of whether something is going to work or not and when I let them down I am breaking the chain of whether a gig is going to be successful or not. With music there aren’t 100 other singers that can just step in and take my place, or bass players, or guitar player, etc…You get the picture. If you can’t do something then don’t say you will…It’s that damn simple, there are no feeble excuses as to why you suddenly changed your mind after making a commitment. Here’s the thing, if you do things like this chances are the people that were relying on you in the first place are going to lose all trust in you and there probably won’t be an offer for a “next” time. You just blew any potential there might have been of something good. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

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  1. Yes Jaz – Reminds me so much of the Book ‘The Four Agreements by Ruiz ‘ – you may have seen it – but one is “Be impeccable with your word” and yet another is ‘Don’t make assumptions”
    They should teach this stuff starting in kindergarten – world would be a better place xo Love

  2. I’ve been noticing that there seem to be more and more people who feel that the rest of us should be understanding of their overwhelm/issues/overscheduling, etc. and pick up the slack for them and accommodate their flakiness. I can’t quite figure out how they figure we’re not entitled to some slack or at least some consideration as well… And figuring out how to handle them while staying true to principles of lovingkindness — haven’t quite gotten there yet.

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