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“Here, are the stiffening hills, here, the rich cargo
Congealed in the dark arteries,
Old veins
That hold Glamorgan’s blood.
The midnight miner in the secret seams,
Limb, life, and bread.

– Rhondda Valley” 
― Mervyn PeakeCollected Poems

My family comes from Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, Wales. One has to wonder what drunken Welshman sat beside this one particular bridge on one particular day and came up with the name for this town? Were there imaginary cows crossing this bridge, drunkenly weaving their way across to the other side of the greener grass on the other side? Ok, enough about that! I am booked to play a Scottish Festival at the end of September and I am representing the Welsh musicians of Idaho, so I have decided to do 12 traditional Welsh songs. Now mind you, the chords aren’t terribly difficult. They are beautiful to me, some have a very haunting Celtic lilt that I just love. What is hard is the language. I am going to sing at least one in Welsh, if not more and the pronunciation is difficult at best. It is a challenge but if my Grandma and Grandpa could be here to see this they would be so proud!