Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Yeah, I know I drink a lot, I know I do because I’m a writer and that’s what I do, I drink. I’m not like those people out there, I can control myself! I can, if – that – if I wanted to, I could, if I wanted. I can! I can!~Gwen Cummings, “28 Days

I had almost, not quite, but almost forgotten that it was my 60 days. 2 months, sobriety birthday yresterday. I almost forgot because I have been too busy being sober. I know that may sound crazy, but it’s really not. What is crazy is the amount of years, months, days, minutes and seconds I wasted of my life drinking into a dark hole. I can’t believe how busy my life has become since I put the bottle away for good. My music has taken a precedence in my life, I’m accomplishing more than I ever could have believed was possible. One night of my life a week is dedicated to “sober” night. It’s an open jam that I host on Tuesday nights at a coffee house and we get a huge turn out from my friends in AA and it gets bigger and better every week. We are getting more bookings than ever and now, by the grace of my sobriety we are booked to play at “John Doe’s” for a two hour acoustic gig in mid September. After that we have the Indian Creek Festival. I also have the distinct honor of representing my family and our Welsh heritage at the Scottish festival, where all the Celtic nations are represented. My grandparents would be so incredibly proud. I owe all of this to my persistence in remaining sober, the love and support of my beautiful husband and my wonderful family. Thank goodness I am a stubborn person. The very quality that makes me an obstinate person is also the same quality that saved my life. For that I am grateful! 



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  1. I am so proud of you, you don’t know this but I have had a lot of my family die from the effects of alcoholism so when I know of someone such as yourself working so hard and achieving dominance over the bad habit it makes my heart swell with pride…anothr wonderful human being is being saved! 60 days is an awesome accomplishment and it seems the more you are sober the more God is blessing you ! 🙂

    • Thank you for that! It hasn’t been easy, I will tell you that. It has been fun though and everyday I grow a little stronger. BTW I am Buddhist so a god isn’t in my beliefs, but thank you for the thoughts and I am sorry that you have lost so many to this awful, awful disease. Peace, as always, Jaz

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