No time

No time

Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of. * Benjamin Franklin

This last week I have had no time at all to spend with my wonderful friends here at WP, I have had no time for music, no time for my artwork, no time for writing in my journal, no time at all. The reason for this lack of time is because I have been working the Idaho State Fair. It is but one brief week out of my life and I am loving it, making very good money, meeting some interesting people along the way and having a lot of fun. I miss not having the time to work on some very important other things in my life, but once this week is over it’s back to business as usual. With some of the money I made I bought myself a couple of beautiful new sun dresses. The thing I am missing the most is time with my husband. I haven’t had time to cook dinner or eat dinner with him, which is time that has always been ear marked as time set aside each day that we spend together. I know, just a couple of weeks ago I was saying that I was glad he was back to work, that we needed some time away from each other because we were together 24/7. Now I am at the other end of the spectrum of absolutely zero time together. You know what they say, be careful what you wish for and all that. It’s a good week, but I will be really glad when this week is over and I can get back to normal, whatever “normal” is. 


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  1. Jaz, if you ever find out what “normal” is, do be good enough to not let me know. I also wish to remain ignorant of “average”. Good blessings to you and your husband! Cranky Steve (as a pal has named me!)

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