Attack of the Kangaroo

Attack of the Kangaroo

It’s like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline. Sid Waddell

I had a very bizarre dream the other night. I was having deja vu in my dream. We were playing a gig that we had done the year before, but the difference was that a year later we were playing the same gig and I was sober this time. I am in my dressing room getting ready and it’s getting near dark and as I look out on the horizon I see a troop of Kangaroos in uniforms coming out of the water onto the beach in front of the stage. All of them are wearing uniforms and berets. While I am in my dressing room getting ready I am having trouble with my white, 18th century wig with long curls and my turban. Meanwhile, the bass player is having trouble figuring out a song and there are other band members trying to take over the stage.  As I am walking away from the stage I am saying to the band, “Steve Eaton can’t take over! I worked hard to get this gig and Matt wil never stand for it.” Suddenly I am back in my dressing room and my new dress somehow got lit on fire and was ruined and I had nothing else to wear.  Very Bizarre…LOL.


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  1. I once visited a petting zoo with my son and a goat tried to perform an unnatural act with me! Horny old goat in more ways than one! Cranky Steve

  2. My interpretation of your dream is two fold, first you mention from the start that you’re sober and that is the difference from a year ago, so your perception of your performing ability has changed. Second, the kangaroos represent an audience you see as different, your music is the same but now you perceive the audience attracted to you as odd or unusual (you wonder why they are attracted to your music and performance) the band members are acting odd because you’re still figuring out your relationship with them as the new person you are today, and finally the costume for performing is a reflection of how you see yourself when on stage. Basically, you’re still getting your ‘sea legs’ as a performer who is now sober and approaching life in new ways. Does any of this make sense or resonate with you at all?

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