Music Passion-September Theme-“Blues”


Hey folks, I won the last Music Passion Award by Dolly at All About Lemon and had a whole month to think about what I wanted to use for a theme for September’s game. I have decided on “Blues”. Since I am a musician and blues is my main genre it is only fitting that I should choose it as our theme for September. SO with out further ado my choice of song for September’s Music Passion is Gary Moore’s “Still Got the Blues” 

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  2. Jaz, you’re killing me! I love, love, LOVE the blues, and have no idea how in the heck I’m going to select just one blues song for this month. I’m gonna go crazy – this is all your fault!!! 😀

    Nice selection by the way. So… should I go old school or something more up to date?

    • I’ll make it a little easier it should say blues somewhere in the song. Like “Summertime Blues”, “Stormy Monday Blues”, “Blue Monday”, something along that line..Definitely old school LOL….Peace, Jaz

      • Oh sure, going old school and having blues somewhere in the song narrows it down to, um… about 13,859,794 songs in my playlist… 😛

        Jaz, you sure know how to bring cool to the party. 🙂

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