I’m Back, For Now….LOL

I’m Back, For Now….LOL

Absence of proof is not proof of absence. William Cowper 

Hello all! I know I have been absent the last few weeks. I have had an absolutely insane rehearsal schedule getting ready for these big festivals. One down and one more to go on the 29th and then my schedule will mellow out. I hope! I have missed reading everyone’s blogs, it’s like missing my morning paper and cup of coffee. I hope this blog finds everyone healthy and happy. I have been so busy that I didn’t even notice the You Jivin Me, Turkey? had re-blogged my song “Of This Land”. Thank you so much for that, I am really glad you liked it enough to re-blog it, you’re the bomb baby! I had a few minutes today between rehearsals to post and let everyone know what I am up to. After a very hard 2 month song search I have finally come up with 15 songs for the Celtic Festival. They are going to be a mix of songs from folk Welsh songs to songs by Welsh musicians that are well known in America. I am excited about the song choice and the festival, but let me tell you, learning to sing in Welsh is no easy task! I have missed you all and will try to catch up on some of your blogs today….Peace, as always my friends, Jaz



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  1. No worries, Jaz, we are here- even when you’re not as active on the blog scene. Happily waiting to hear from you.

    Hope the Welsh Festival huge success. I too loved your “Of This Land”- just so beautiful- I tweeted it forward gladly.


    • Thank you soooo much Tom! I am really glad you liked it…Be looking for Rhiannon, I just produced the video and will be publishing a blog on it in a few minutes….Peace, Jaz

  2. Jaz, I’m glad you are back and well but also extremely pissed off. How dare you post of your slip then disappear? What do you think we would think? Please keep us posted so we know you are alright. Okay. Got it off my chest. I hope your days are filled with love, magic, music and SOBRIETY! YPF, CS

  3. Glad you are well, Jaz! Thinking of you and your Celtic songs and fests… may your beautiful heart and voice shine. Hugs, happiness, and confidence, ~ Lily

  4. Slip? I missed it… guess I’ve been out of touch, too… anyway, glad you’re back! Forgot how much I LOVE that song… thanks for sharing… will now go listen to Rhiannon. :>

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