Tuning in with Nature

Tuning in with Nature

“It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind,– the realm of your own.” ― Marcus Aurelius

We took some time out of our crazy rehearsal schedule today to take a bike ride along the river and the pond and I thought I would share some of the pics I took with you. It was so peaceful and quiet, we rode along at a relaxed pace and just enjoyed the scenery.

Fall Leaves

Mr. Dragonfly

Boise River


Mike in the Tree

Them Are Duckys on the Left

Caldwell Pond

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  1. What a great reward for the work at rehearsal! The shot of the Fall Leaves are almost enough by themselves…. and what a great ride it must have been! These are the kinds of images that can be used to get closer to the Buddha’s thoughts, you know…. 🙂 Works for me….

    • Yeah me too. I am an Aquarius and have always loved to swim. My Grandad used to call me Duck and we would always come to my dive meets when I was a kid. Thanx for stopping by….Peace, Jaz

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