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I love this from Boomie

Boomie Bol

It’s that time of the week again, Friday Fictioneers par Madison Woods, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Sandra Crook. I came up with a poem of about  100 words, or so. Please feel free to comment and constructive criticisms are welcome. If you like you can also participate. Thank you always!

Among the rubbles and
Heavy rocks
Whispering ever green leaves
And heavy bark trees
We walked

Woods logged on aged bricks
Ancient scribbles on the giant walls
Hand in hand we stood

Silent and pensive
Giddy and excited
Love and joy in our growing hearts

Years it seemed now
But somehow we managed
Through thick and thin
To remain steadfast
Like these rocks

Painful times
Now a thing of the past
Our tried and true love still guides
My heart

It lights my softly dimming paths
Ordering my frail steps
And comforts my weary soul
On this…

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Here’s Looking up Your Kilt

Here’s Looking up Your Kilt

Is there anything worn under the kilt? No, it’s all in perfect working order. Spike Milligan 

I have never been to a Ceilidh, pronounced Kaylee, before. Nor have I ever been to a Celtic Festival either. I am so excited. I’m hoping to meet up with some other family members from the Daffydd (Davies, Davis) clan of Wales that settled near Malad, Idaho about the same time that my family did. Chances are I have cousins living there that I don’t even know about. It would also be very cool to meet some friends from near where my family came from, Cowbridge, Swansea or Cardiff. My Grandmother and Grandad always tried to keep us in tune with our roots and of all their grandchildren I am the only one that carried on the tradition of music, which is a very big thing in Wales. Wales is called “The Land of Song” and for a very good reason. Music is a huge part of our heritage. I don’t know why I am the only musician since my great-granfather, maybe I got the strongest part of the musical gene pool. I have been singing since I was 3, picked up the violin when I was 10 and switched to guitar at 16. I am always a vocalist first, and my guitar skills are very secondary. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the dancing and hear some of the other music. There is one group called “The Celtic Sisters” and they sing in Gaelic, which is so cool to me because they are the only other group of musicians performing in a Celtic native tongue besides me.  We are also the only group performing traditional folk music from Wales so it’s a very important thing to me that I represent my family and our country the best that I can! I can’t wait!!!!!!!