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"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

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11 Things About BRADLEY

#1: My Favorite Food Is PB&J!

#2: I Simply LOVE Going For A Walk, Long Or Short!

#3: Coffee Is My Favorite Beverage!

#4: I Used To Love Playing Baseball…

#5: …Now I Just Love Watching Baseball…

#6: …And I’m An Avid FANTASY Baseball Player!

#7: History Is My Favorite Subject!

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End of the Fest

End of the Fest

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end. Abraham Lincoln 

Thank goodness the Celtic Festival is finally over with! It was an amazing event and we had a lot of fun and I would like very much to do it again next year. I hope we are asked to do it. Unfortunately all of the picture that I took were not good. The camera was acting funny and when I got home and downloaded the pictures there was only one useable picture. This one of the Wicked Tinkers:


Speaking of the Wicked Tinkers, they are a very well known band for the Celtic Festivals around the western states and unfortunately the scheduling of the musical events was such that whenever any of the local bands were playing The Wicked Tinkers were playing at the same time so when the local bands were playing, us and The Celtic Sisters and Beltane, our audiences left and went to watch The Wicked Tinkers instead of us. The one time that a band wasn’t pitted up against The Wicked Tinkers they had a great audience, and that was only one time the entire day that any of the bands had any sort of an audience except first thing in the morning, which didn’t much matter because no one was there anyway.  So the only negative thing I have to say was that the scheduling of the musical events was not very good. 

The people that did get to hear us had great things to say and Ginger Jones, the woman that got me started on the Celtic Festival in the first place, said that my Welsh was perfect. LOL, I don’t know that I would go that far, but I really appreciated hearing that. Just being there at the festival made me feel a lot closer to home. Now, it’s back to business as usual.