I’m Too Sexy!

I’m Too Sexy!

“Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.” –Billy Crystal

Here’s Mojo being all sexy, LOL! I don’t have much today because I have to load equipment and unfortunately my brother had an accident and totalled his truck so I have to run to Mountain Home to drop off the keys to his rig that got towed. He is really lucky, he could very well have died. He hit a cow that an idiot rancher allows to free range and the sad thing is is that he is probably going to get sued for the value of said cow! Idaho has seriously got to rethink the fn laws regarding these idiot ranchers that allow their cows to free range!

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  1. Sorry about your bro and the cow. Hey! My cat, Jack, looks just like the orange cate except poor Jack only has one eye!

  2. Glad your brother’s ok!
    should there not be fences between the roads and the farms? Then the cows can freerange all they want, without damage to the public…

  3. My home state of Texas does the same thing with cattle. I hit a cow on the way home from a college football game late one night. Totally destroyed the car, and I didn’t even get any beef out of the incident!

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