On that Note….


Here is my version of the Eurythmics “Here Comes the Rain Again” off my solo album, “Sublime Evolution” released in 2002….Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Jaz , i saw today a unplugged version of this song from Annie , i believed that it would not work , to play this song in another way than the original . But your version is quite better than her acoustic version and another possibility , and quite a good one 🙂

  2. How can one get your album, “Sublime Revoution”? I love your singing and music. I am far olde than you but I notice our eyes share a common story. You know what? The psychydelic effects are unwelcome to me. The 60’s and I were good buddies and it is sometimes hard for me to know what is computer and what is chemical memory.

    • LOL. I get that. I would have to burn you one and have an address where I can send it. Right now I am out of CDs to burn but if you give me your address as soon as I get some , which will be soon I will send you one. My e-mail is micheledaneen@gmail.com

      • Steven Narbonne
        51-555 Monroe St., #85
        Indio, CA 92201
        Hey! Thanks! I really do love your music.

      • Sweet. I am going to be burning CD’s next weekend so I will be sure to get one off to you.

  3. i agree with everyone above.. your voice is pure and clear and amazing, and you brought tears to my eyes. the guitar was great as well! thank you for sharing… if we were all in the same room, we’d be chanting for you to come back onstage for more, more more MORE!

  4. Hi Jaz…thanks for following…I hope you continue to enjoy the posts…btw thinks for having me under the I LUV These Bloggers banner…quite an honor to be listed with those writers…also I really love your version of this Eurythmic’s tune…be encouraged!

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