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Sleeping in the Wood

Sleeping in the Wood

I don’t write a whole lot of poetry, when I write it is lyrics, so this is more like a song idea I have floating around in my head. I would love your thoughts on it!

Sleeping in the Wood-Jaz Fagan

He traded his love for a bag of gold

As she lay awake in the cold Earth

How many lives will be sold,

As she awaits her awakening, a rebirth

Time flutters by like a bird on the wing,

She awaits her love with baited breath

Where is my love, my kiss charming

She lies in the cold, not alive, not in death

The seasons change and the snow flies

Life comes and goes it quickly passes her 

She never lives and yet never dies

Suspended in time by the evil saboteur 

He’s finally here, he’s finally arrived

One look, one kiss and she is yet reborn

Broken the spell on which she thrived

No longer wanton or eternally to mourn

How You Treat Others

How You Treat Others

I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. Winston Churchill 

How you treat others and speak to them is a direct reflection of yourself. If you look down on others and treat them with disdain what is this saying about you as a person? On the other side of the coin, if you treat each and every person with courtesy and respect what does that say? Recently I have had the experience of running into both ends of the spectrum. I have had one person that was so rude and short with me that I will never speak with that person ever again. This person treated me as if I was no better than a little bug under their shoe. On the other hand I have met some very sweet people that have been warm and inviting and in the end formed some new friendships. In the middle of the spectrum I have a friend who is incredibly self-involved and only seems to be focusing on their own current negative situation. They are so busy having a pity party that they are completely oblivious to the people around them and the difficulties of their friend’s situations. If you are hurting, this person is hurting 10 x’s worse. You know this person. Rather than focusing their energy on fixing the situation they blow their horn vociferously to anyone who will listen about their terrible situation and how no one is helping them. Part of the problem with this, beyond the obvious, is when a person does this their friends will draw away from them like pulling back from a hot stove. Truly, it is ok to tell people your situation, but always try to have a positive outlook and a plan on how you can fix it. No one is going to fix it for you. If you sit and cry to people all day, everyday, about your situation you are 1. wasting energy that could serve a better purpose and 2. Pushing people away from you as surely as if you were a hot, flaming coal of self-pity. No matter how bad your situation is it serves you better as a person to always keep in mind that your situation could be worse and you are not the only one hurting in this world. We all need to vent and let our friends and family know what’s going on with us, but it’s ultimately important to take the high road and if one avenue doesn’t work, explore other avenues. Eventually you will find the road that works, and never give up. No matter what, keep in mind that the things you spew out of your mouth can end up coming back to bite you and push people away. With that I leave you with the Beatles, have a peaceful day 🙂