Sleeping in the Wood

Sleeping in the Wood

I don’t write a whole lot of poetry, when I write it is lyrics, so this is more like a song idea I have floating around in my head. I would love your thoughts on it!

Sleeping in the Wood-Jaz Fagan

He traded his love for a bag of gold

As she lay awake in the cold Earth

How many lives will be sold,

As she awaits her awakening, a rebirth

Time flutters by like a bird on the wing,

She awaits her love with baited breath

Where is my love, my kiss charming

She lies in the cold, not alive, not in death

The seasons change and the snow flies

Life comes and goes it quickly passes her 

She never lives and yet never dies

Suspended in time by the evil saboteur 

He’s finally here, he’s finally arrived

One look, one kiss and she is yet reborn

Broken the spell on which she thrived

No longer wanton or eternally to mourn

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  1. I Like It, Ms. Jaz, For Whatever That’s Worth, Since I’m A Dunce When It Comes To Poetry That ISN’T Song Lyrics hahaha
    Have You Ever Tried To Invent A Melody For Existing Poetry?
    I Have.
    Lord, I Shouldn’t Be Left Alone With Classic Poetry.
    I Just Muck It Up And Lose Whatever Meaning The Poet Had Intended For It 😉

    • LOL actually I have taken a friends poem and turned it into a song. It is on my album, “Sublime Evolution” and the song is called “Only for a Moment” and when I ever get around to producing the video for it I will share it with you. For me lyrics always start as a poem then evolve. 🙂

  2. Jaz, give me the finger if you wish but I think “Sleeping in the Wood” is pedestrian and you can do better than worn out metaphors and emotional situations like this. It sounded like you were trying to lean on someone else and you don’t need to. Sing with your own voice. Cranky Steven

  3. Poesía es plasmar nuestros pensamientos de tal forma que reflejan el sentir de determinados momentos que, muchas veces, solo nosotros podemos comprender. Ya lo dijo algún poeta “Poesía eres tú”, sobre todo al ver esos hermosos ojos. Un saludo desde Veracruz México

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