Cat on the Prowl….


You can’t own a cat. The best you can do is be partners. – Sir Harry Swanson

I’m sad today. My bed was lonely last night because Mojo came in just long enough to eat some dinner and then he was off and running, prowling the full moonlit night in the chilly November evening. Since Mojo moved in with us I have gotten used to his presence, and my Rosebud doesn’t seem to mind him at all. She always greets him with a couple of little kisses and sniffs. He’s used to being outside, but I can’t help but worry about him. He’s such a  friendly little bugger and he loves to talk and give hugs and kisses, he’s by far the strangest cat I have ever met. Come home Mojo, I miss you 😦

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  1. Love that tune 😉
    As for Mojo – well, he is, after all, a cat – they invariably do just whatever the heck they like!!
    IT’s been a while since either of my two spent any time on my bed, if they do, I know it’s very wet and cold outside 😉

  2. Oh I’m glad he’s home. Have a good weekend, Jaz. You’re sounding good, girl (sorry, I know the gig is another post) and we must have similar taste in music–I have most of what you post on itunes and ipod, so I feel at home here : ) Have a happy weekend, cozying with the kitties and working on your tunes. Keep up the lyric poetry!! ~ Lily

  3. Well after all, he is a cat…

    “I strut right by with my tail in the air…” 😛

    Great song pick Jaz. I need to dig that one up from the old vinyl collection.

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