Endings & Beginnings….

Endings & Beginnings….

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. 
Oprah Winfrey 

I have been feeling very sad and stressed out. It all culminated in having to make some heavy decisions to move forward. So, today is going to be catch up day on everything. I have a whole inbox full of articles that need to be written today and fortunately I was able to complete 2 since last night. I had to go in and update the band’s webpage with a pic of the new bass player, Ken. I left Bob’s pic and stuff on the webpage because as far as I am concerned he is still a member of this band. I also updated new videos and put up dates that we are playing. All of this and I need to clean the house good today as we are having rehearsals here tonight to be ready for tomorrow. Anyone know a good maid? 🙂

With that I am leaving you with one of Mike’s favorite tunes….

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  1. I feel you Jaz. this kind of thing is tough. Band dynamics are volatile and precarious, if they’re not , they’re often boring and unproductive, not always, but sometimes.I remember many years ago, getting the band to agree to fire a drummer who was a good friend because i felt he was holding us back musically, and we had another mutual friend who was technically better, waiting in the wings. This was a disaster. in the green-ness of my youth, I failed to see that the magic of the band was the sum of the original four, and messing with that chemistry was a bad idea. It may not seem to relate to your situation, but I know how awful I felt, how it strained friendships, etc. You feel heavy and stressed out because you CARE. You can only make a decision based on your own feelings, your own perspective, that’s how I roll. sometimes it’s for the best, sometimes it’s not. But it’s for real.

  2. amiga! i am so sorry that you”ve had some rough spots, though you seem to be finding your way back into the sunshine. i’ve been offline and have scrolled back to catch up on what i’ve missed.

    a wise friend once told me, ‘if you are looking back, you can’t see where you are going.’

    hold that beautiful head up and believe in yourself. you’re gorgeous, extremely talented and are able to juggle lots of balls — look at all of the posts you’ve written while i was cruising through the andes.. i am way behind, and you’re kicking butt!

    ‘all sunshine makes the desert.’ arabian proverb


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