Best Friend….

Best Friend….

 Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars. Violeta Parra

We had a falling out, Donna and I did. We both did some stupid things to each other that caused a friendship of over 27 years to fall away, awash in mistrust and lies. We really stopped our friendship about a year ago and I won’t go into the reasons why here, it’s irrelevant. Needless to say, we have finally forgiven each other. It took some time and some work, but we are friends once again. Yes, we have renewed our friendship but there is a certain amount of trust that has been shattered and can’t ever be retrieved. No matter what I can always forgive, but I will never forget, I can’t, the pain is still too fresh, too new. So, we are friends at arms length. Is it good to have her back in my life, I don;t know yet…..That remains to be seen. On the other hand, my best friend, Brian (Boo), who is my daughter’s Godfather, pretty much blew me off. We were supposed to go do something together while he was here from Pocatello and we didn’t. He stopped in to see me for like a 1/2 hour on Tuesday and that was it. He has gone back home now. I had asked him to stick around and come see us play tonight at The Gathering Place, but he wanted to be home yesterday. It hurts that he didn’t make more time for me. Ci est la vie.

With that I leave you with queen…


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  1. i’m not sure on the geography, as for knowing how far from home your friend bo had traveled. it made me think of how torn i am when i go back to the states to visit my friends and family. i have a huge circle of loved ones in three or four states that i try to see, and there is never enough time to see them all, and someone always has their feelings bruised. some will be saddened that i only stayed for an hour or so, and i never have time to see some that i’d REALLY like to see.. family seems to trump friends for priority visits, and elderly trump the young, but when it is all over, i am so torn apart by trying to please everyone and not seeming to succeed on pleasing anyone.

    could bo struggle with the same problem?

    i always say, ‘next time i am going to a state park and telling everyone to come see me..’ but i never do.. and again, i am wearing myself out trying to make the rounds before heading back to the tropics.

    i’m glad you and your friend mended fences!

  2. I hope with a little time you and your best friend can build the trust back! (It’s hard to let some people go…I let a 15 yr friendship go…I would still speak to her if I saw her, but things will never be like they were. It’s a tough choice to make).

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