Music Passion December…Ar Hyd y Nos

Music Passion December…Ar Hyd y Nos

Dolly at all about lemon has the theme of Christmas for December. Although the song I picked doesn’t actually say Christmas in it it is an old folk Welsh tune that has been popularized around Christmas time. In Welsh it is called Ar Hyd y Nos, which translates to “All Through the Night” in English and I thought I would share it with you. It was one of the songs I sang at The Celtic Festival this last summer. So without further ado….

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      • Oh wow; I was going to ask if you sang the English or Welsh version. After hearing it I thought you couldn’t possibly learn to pronounce the Welsh version.
        So, wash my mouth with soap: Well done…! That makes it an even greater feat… hahaha… That must have been tough… 🙂

      • LOL yes I did it in 1/2 Welsh and 1/2 english which is called Macronic. I also learned several other songs entirely in Welsh LOL 🙂

  1. I’m Welsh, my little one goes to a Welsh medium school, and sings this in Christmas concerts.
    I really like “away in a manger” in Welsh, it shows off how lovely the Welsh language is.
    Great post.

      • Oh that’s not that far from where I am! 🙂 It is beautiful, if not a mouthful. My little one is fluent in Welsh now, I wish I was! 🙂

      • Lovely. I would love to go there one day. If I am lucky. I have been learning to sing in the native tongue and boy is it hard! 🙂

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