Happy New Year! Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my Buddha Blog!

Happy New Year! Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my Buddha Blog!

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word. Goran Persson

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful, beautiful friends here at WordPress!!! I love each of you. Everyday, the very best part of my day is to get up with my coffee and read your blogs. Each and everyday that you have posted you have let me into your hearts and homes for a brief moment in time and it has been such a joy. I don’t have enough room to mention every single one of you, but you know how you are, I have liked your words and thoughts and have even shared some of my thoughts with each of you. There have been happy times and, yes, there have been tears. There have been times that I have been driven to anger and times I have been driven to laughter, and through it all you have all been there at my side, and shared with me when I was wrong. For that I love each and everyone of you! Have a beautiful 2013 and I hope to share more with you as the next year rolls by. I will try to post a vlog later for you if I have time! 

Jaz & Mike New Year Rosie BSU hat 3 Mike & Rosie New Year


On that note I leave you with The Greatest Jazz Singer in my book, Miss Billie Holliday…

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  1. I left a comment yesterday where I believe I miss-spoke – partly tired, partly a bit of a cold.
    Just a wanted to say that the folks that run the Writing Our Way Home blog which you can get too on the blog list on the right – the same folks that run the Mindful Writing Challenge are Priests, not monks. Makes a big difference.

    Continue success. Cheers.

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