Daily Archives: January 6, 2013

Life Hands You Stuff….


I said that the only way I could have a band that would work in the format of my show is if the band were crap. So if I have a band they’d have to really suck. Craig Ferguson 

You have to love Craig for telling it like it is. I promised I was not going to have another bad day, well that’s like saying there is no such thing as Murphy’s Law. I Lied! I am having a terrible day and I am crying.  My bass player, that I was so proud of. got really drunk and lost his mind. Yes, Brother Bob went off on a Jim Crow tangent. I don’t know why he did this to us but over 50 % of the list was wrong. Am I crying a little, no, I’m crying a lot. He let me down. We managed as a band to pull it together, but it was hard and terribly embarrassing. It’s ok. I will finish crying tonight and bitch him out later, no wait maybe I will do it now.  In the mean time I have pics to share, they are not great, they are what they are, enjoy….

Bob and Bill Bobby & Jaz Bobby & JT Bobby and Jaz EZ Street EZ Street 2 How Much is that doggy Steven and MadonnaSo what would you like for a song for today? How about I take you out on The Beatles….