Life Hands You Stuff….


I said that the only way I could have a band that would work in the format of my show is if the band were crap. So if I have a band they’d have to really suck. Craig Ferguson 

You have to love Craig for telling it like it is. I promised I was not going to have another bad day, well that’s like saying there is no such thing as Murphy’s Law. I Lied! I am having a terrible day and I am crying.  My bass player, that I was so proud of. got really drunk and lost his mind. Yes, Brother Bob went off on a Jim Crow tangent. I don’t know why he did this to us but over 50 % of the list was wrong. Am I crying a little, no, I’m crying a lot. He let me down. We managed as a band to pull it together, but it was hard and terribly embarrassing. It’s ok. I will finish crying tonight and bitch him out later, no wait maybe I will do it now.  In the mean time I have pics to share, they are not great, they are what they are, enjoy….

Bob and Bill Bobby & Jaz Bobby & JT Bobby and Jaz EZ Street EZ Street 2 How Much is that doggy Steven and MadonnaSo what would you like for a song for today? How about I take you out on The Beatles….

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    • I know. I’m ok though. Fortunately he was our back up bass player and we won;t be using him again. Unfortunately I think our friendship is over. 😦

  1. This is crazy cause I’ve been thinking about the Beatles lately like John Lennon and it was cool to see Paul McCartney playing during the Sandy relief concert, I Waaaaanaaa Hooold Yooour Haaaaannnd! Man they were cool -,o

  2. “Unfortunately” is now absent, which tells me that you pulled out of this auger. Write me. tzeebra at — and please remove my email address when it goes through moderation!

    i’m home all day. skype doesn’t work here, and we’re having rains, so the power and or internet might not be working at times.. some days up to three days on power.. for now, it’s up and working.

    if you’re crashing, you need to talk with someone.. i’m not qualified as a professional, but i can listen and share some experiences.


    • Thank you so very much sweetie! I am ok I just got super scared because my hubbies unemployment was gone and I had no way to know what we were going to do. I kind of lost it sure enough. I am ok we got a reprieve today. Thank you for caring, you’re Z Best! 🙂

      • i understand, but i don’t agree with your almost-last sentence. you are convincing yourself that you’re ok, but to have written a post like you did, you were hurting, and you were waving a big flag that you’re treading deep waters right now. are you able to shut down your highly-creative mind for a few minutes each day? can you find/claim time each day where you connect to higher powers and just bask in the calmness where there are no demands, no warring thoughts?
        maybe you’re trying to juggle too much. we’re not super humans, you know, and trying to be that for too many hours/weeks/months/years will finally take its toll.

  3. Awfully sorry to hear about the truly bad vibe. Be sure to give yourself a lot of credit for seeing the gig thru. That counts for a lot. Cool pix– great to see you in action! Well, action shots, anyway… : )

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