Caught Off Guard…

Caught Off Guard…

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. Martin Buber 

The New Year has caught me unaware. We had several gigs booked through the holidays and I got a little overwhelmed. Also I thought for sure Mike & I were going to lose everything and I was feeling very scared. Along with all of that I am just physically worn down because I have been fighting a wicked cold off and on for about a month now and it is making me tired and unable to sleep soundly at night. I am really ok. We all go through these wicked spells in our life when it seems that life itself has handed you more than you can possibly take. Fortunately I am a strong woman and I can get through it. Enough about that. I have a desk full of work, gigs scheduled for the band and the acoustic project all the way through to August and Mike & I are ok for now. He got a reprieve from Unemployment and he will hopefully secure a job that he interviewed for. 

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  1. I was worried about you Jaz.
    Glad you’re allright. As Stephen King says – everything’s eventual. You will get through this like you did all the times before.
    Take care!!

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